Creative Connections - Teaching Artist Interns

Teaching Artist Interns are UC Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Art, Dance, Drama or Music. We are looking for teaching artist interns who are passionate about teaching, looking for teaching experience and enjoy working with young artists!

Teaching Artist Interns are selected via a competitive application process and receive educational training, resources and support from staff and area educators. 

Projects and Workshops are developed collaboratively with the Teaching Artist Interns and Classroom Educators. Projects provide sustained access to arts education and span an entire school-year.

Please note, we do our best to match the interests of the Teaching Artist Interns with the needs of the Educators, because of this, we may not be able to partner all Teaching Artist Interns with Educators.

Teaching Artist Interns may receive either credit or a small stipend for completing a Creative Connections project. The Creative Connections program may be used to fulfill the Major in Education Sciences practicum requirement, and the internship requirement for the Minor in Civic and Community Engagement.

2019-20 Creative Connections Teaching Artist Intern Applications are open!


The 2019-20 project timeline will be:

September 30 Deadline for Intern and Educator Applications
October 7-11 Intern Interviews
October 14 First Intern Training & Receive Match
October Intern Plan/Collaborate/Meet with Educator
November 14 Second Intern Training
November-December Intern Observe Classroom, Plan/Collaborate/Meet with Educator
January 6-31 Intern Lead First Lesson in Classroom, Plan/Collaborate/Meet/Reflect
January 31 Third Intern Training
January-May Lessons in Classroom
May 29 End of Year Celebration


Questions? Contact Megan Belmonte at 949.824.8976 or