Summer Academies in the Arts

The Summer Academies in the Arts are college and career preparatory intensives for students in Art, Dance, Drama, Music, and Technology.

The only Orange County university to offer a program of this kind, we at UCI's Claire Trevor School of the Arts, aim to:

  • Provide a space for creative exploration
  • Enhance 21st century skills
  • Support college and career goals
  • Build self-confidence and leadership

Students ages 8-22 years old get to experience life as an undergraduate arts major, in which they receive practical and technical instruction in small classes taught by graduate instructors, professionals in the field and CTSA faculty. With rigorous college-level coursework, the option to receive university credit, and social and professional networking, this immersive summer experience is the perfect place for learning and development in a fun, challenging environment!  

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Scholarships & Financial Aid Available!