Summer Academy Logistics

Below are basic logistics of the Summer Academies in the Arts. Students may receive more specific information regarding the Academy course they are taking prior to arrival on the first day. Please do not hesitate to contact the Outreach Department if you have any questions.

Code of Conduct

All participants are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in removal from the Academy. Students removed from the Academy are not eligible to receive a refund of fees paid. Participants must download, print, sign and bring the Code of Conduct to the Academy on the first day.


All participants are required to submit a signed Waiver to be allowed to participate in the Academy courses. Participants must download, print, read, sign and return the waiver prior to the first day of the Academy course. Failure to do so will result in the student not being allowed to participate in coursework until the Waiver is signed and returned. Fees for missed classes will not be returned.

Healthcare and Insurance

Staff is on duty to administer first aid for minor injuries or sickness. Staff is not responsible for administering prescribed medication. Please provide the student's insurance information in case of emergency, and notify staff, in writing, regarding a participant's medical conditions or special needs at least one week prior to the beginning of the Academy.


Students are encouraged to bring a bag lunch with them for each day of the Academy course as well as water and snacks. The Cyber A Cafe, located at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, offers sandwiches, snacks and beverages and will not be open.


Drop-off and pick-up can be done on Mesa Drive, NORTHBOUND, just north of the pedestrian bridge between University and W. Peltason Drives.


Parking is available in the Mesa Parking Structure on Mesa Drive between University and W. Peltason Drives. Parking passes must be purchased either at the kiosk on the LOWER LEVEL of the structure, or can be paid for by the hour at self-service kiosks on each floor. Parking is $10/day in any space in the structure NOT labeled RESERVED. You may purchase a multi-day permit by visiting the UCI Parking Office. Parking regulations are strictly enforced on the UCI campus. All vehicles must possess a valid permit while on campus.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations will be accepted through June 1, 2015 and will include a full refund less the $100 nonrefundable deposit. Cancellations made after June 1, 2015 will receive a partial refund less the $100 nonrefundable deposit and a $200 late cancellation fee. All cancellations must be made in writing to


Contact Us!

We are happy to answer your questions or provide you additional information. Please feel free to contact the Outreach Department at (949)824-8976 or