Below are just some of the many things people are saying about our program...


I feel completely prepared for college auditions and the professional world.




I love to be surrounded by like-minded and devoted people who want to make films and be creative together.  That's not something you can just find anywhere.  It's a great community.


Thank you for changing my life!


No other place where it could feel so normal or accepted to be able to stretch myself and have everyone take it seriously.


It was good for me because I got to see the school and college campus, so that I have an idea of what it's like to go to college.


You get to work with good quality equipment in real studios.  It was awesome!




It has reignited my love for Shakespeare!  It's been so much fun.




I really like how the program only holds a couple of people because it's amazing how close you can get.




Such a privilege to be able to work with such passionate teachers and students who gave me new appreciation for music.



Best drama call I have taken compared to South Coast Repertory, Shakespeare Orange County and OCSA.




All the hard work paid off.  I'm still shocked at what I can do.

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